Counter Strike 1.6 is the best multiplayer first person shooter game in the world! In this awesome game, are two teams, terrorists and counter-terrorists. They battle in every round to achieve their objective. The game was started în 1999, first it was just a modification of popular Half-Life. After that the Valve was involved and the game was started to be more popular. In fact, the game is based on objective, the objective differ by map and most recent by the mode of the server. In game are two teams, that are opposing. First team is called Terorrists and the second is Counter Terorrists. First team is the bad guys and second team is the good guys. To win a round you must complete the objective or eliminate all opossing team. The most popular objective is to plant/secure the bomb by tero and defuse bomb by counters and the second is to guard the hostages or rescue them to a safe point. At the end of round, the winning players are get more money. The money is spent on weapons, equipment, grenades, bullets, etc. Counter Strike 1.6 remains the most popular shooter game in the world. Since May 2006, Counter-Strike is the most played FPS in the world. In 2002, there were more than 30,000 servers populated on the Internet for Counter-Strike, the second being the Unreal Tournament with approximately 9,800 servers. In 2004, GameSpy statistics showed that over 85,000 users were simultaneously playing Counter-Strike, and in 2006, Steam regularly shows that 200,000 users are playing Counter-Strike.

If you want to try this awesome game, you can download. Select the server that are closer to your location for fast download.

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The average time for complete a download is about 2-3 minutes, now depends on your internet speed. If you have a slow internet conection, chose to download torrent version.

After download, you can install the game in every partition you want, we recommend to install in default partition that is /C. If game, don’t start, right click on shortcut (Counter-Strike 1.6.exe) and select Run as administrator.

How to download Setup – Just click on button, the file will saved on your computer. Run the .exe file CS16-2018-EN.exe and install program will start. Select the directory for install click next then and start. The game will be installed on your computer. After that the launcher will be showed on desktop, double click on him and the game will start.

How to download with Torrent – You need a torrent software like utorrent, bittorrent, qBittorrent, etc. The download will begin fast and download will be fast as well.

License: Free

Languages: English, Armanian, Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Corsican, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Frence, German, Hebrew, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian.

Category: First Person Shooter

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Size: 205

Author/Publisher: CounterStrike16Best / Ro Games SA, Valve

About this version:

Release date: February 2020

100% like Steam Version

Works on all operatings sistems. Works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10,

Size: 239 MB.

Original skins from steam, no modification. Same models, sounds, skins, etc.

No ads or ads in game, clean version.

Best antislowhack protection from malicious online servers that wants to change your settings/binds. The protection is released in 2018 and is the best.

The game saves your settings like name, sensitivity. The admins can make you screenshots/ss on servers. The ss are saved in cstrike folder.

The game includ bots, the latest version. You can play with bots on every map you want. You can select the bots dificulty and more others.

Dual protocol 47/48.

New engine and new launcher.

The game is portable, you can play it on others devices.

No Lag, No Choke.

Best FPS. 100 FPS.

Fast download the game and fast install.

Update February 2020

New Build 4554

HD Players 100% like Steam/Valve version.

Complex Menu, press H key.

  • Usual Comands.
  • Script.
  • Config Server.
  • Optimization options.
  • MP3 Player.
  • Player Option.
  • My Settings.
  • Target Settings.
  • Server commands.
  • Bots options.
  • Chat color.
  • Say.
  • Register demo.
  • Change map.
  • Graphics options.
  • Configs.

Counter Strike 1.6 Online Servers mods:

Clasic/Normal – Is the original mode, the two teams are battle for the objective which is plant/protect/defuse bomb, protect/rescue hostages. It still the most played mode on online servers. The most used maps are still the de_ maps with bomb defuse objective.

Respawn – Is used by many online servers. Players are respawn every time. In this mode action is all the time and the skill of players is grow. Is a fun mode, you can chose what weapons you want to use. You have acces to all weapons, ammo and equipment.

GunGame – Like respawn, mode, players are respawn every time. The fun thinks is that players are started with glock and that get more powerfull weapons after make frags. You will start with glock and then you get USP, Deagle, Shotguns, SMG, Ak47, M4A1, AWP, etc. Is a fun mode and one players win in the end. The first player wich has get all weapons and make a frag with knife or grande will win.

Zombie – Is known as zm. In this mode humans has to fight to zombies, wich are infected. The humans must keep the distance or will get infected by the zombies. Zombies has some specific abilities like huge hp, fast run, etc. Humans has a lot of weapons and lasers to protect from zombies. The are specific maps for this mode, they have zm_ in front of name. The maps are specialy created for this mode, they are big and have spots for players to hide and run.

GO – This mode is like Counter Strike Global Offensive. The players will receive boxex and skins. The players must create an account for the items that will receive on server. This type of servers uses CS GO skins and maps.

Furien – This mode is awesome. The are two teams, humans and furiens. Furiens have great speed and knifes that make great damage. The humans have a lot of weapons. Furiens will hunt humans. Servers with this mode offers players items, weapons, etc.

HNS – Hide’n Seek mode is fun as well. One team must hide and run and other team must find the runners.

DeathRun – You will jump on blocks and must no fall.

Base Builder – The players can create safe zones to hide from aliens. The players will create safe zones from structures.

Counter Strike 1.6 Maps:

DE_ maps(bomb defuse) – There are most played maps. The objectiv for Terorists are to plant and secure the bombe until explode, the objective for Counters is to defuse the bomb before explode. The most popular maps is De_Dust2, is most played on online servers. Some servers used only de_dust2 as maps. Other popular maps from this category are: De_Inferno, De_Dust, De_Nuke, De_Aztec, De_Train.

CS_ maps – (hostage rescue) – The terorists are spawned near hostage. The counters must get hostages and get them to rescue point. Hostages must no be attacked, money will be lost as a penalty. Most popular maps are: CS_Assault, CS_Italy, CS_Office, CS_Militia, etc.

ZM_ maps – Maps for zombie mod.

FY_ maps – Fight Yard. Small maps for few players. The most popualr maps are Fy_Snow, Fy_Pool_Day, Fy_Iceworld, Fy_Jungle, etc.

AWP_ maps – Maps for awp weapons. Popular maps AWP_India, AWP_Bycastor, AWP_Map, AWP_ZigZag, etc.

Jail_ maps – Maps for Jail Break mode.

BB_ maps – Maps for BaseBuilders servers.

Ka_ maps – Maps for knife war.

Counter Strike 1.6 modification / New Kits.

Counter Strike 1.6 is one of the most modificated game. There are many version with several modifications. The most kits are modified the models, skins, sounds, gfx, maps, etc.

Most popular modified versions are: CS 1.7, CS 1.8, CS 1.9, CS 2.0, CS HD, CS PRO, CS Warzone, CS Lant, CS Romania, etc.  The newer and modified versions will required a good computer/laptop because they used new skins/graphics. The look good but some of them are not optimized for old computers.

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