Counter Strike 1.6 is the most popular shooter game ever. Although it is a fairly old game it is still played by many players. Over time, the game has benefited from many updates but there have always been compatibility issues with the new operating systems. That’s exactly why we’re going to release a version that is compatible with all operating systems, especially with Windows 10. This version works perfectly on computers and laptops with operating systems such as: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. So if you are looking for a counter strike 1.6 version that works perfectly on the windows 10 operating system, you can download this version. Most versions on the Internet have old launches and do not work on the new operating systems. On our release, the launchers have been modified and updated permanently to work and provide the best version to players. The created version measures only 239 mb, and the download is fast. We have special hosting spaces for you to download this version quickly and easily. The version is tested, has no viruses, no lag, and no other bugs. In the internet list you will find only quality servers of all existing ways. So we have servers in ways like: clasic, respawn, gungame, zombie, hns, furien, etc.

There are no redirects or servers that can change your client. The customer is also protected against slowhacking.

If you want to try this awesome game, you can download. Select the server that are closer to your location for fast download.

Click here for download setup Server 1 France

Click here for download setup Server 2 Italy

Click here for download setup Server 3 Romania

 Click here for download torrent.

The average time for complete a download is about 2-3 minutes, now depends on your internet speed. If you have a slow internet conection, chose to download torrent version.

After download, you can install the game in every partition you want, we recommend to install in default partition that is /C. If game, don’t start, right click on shortcut (Counter-Strike 1.6.exe) and select Run as administrator.

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