Counter Strike 1.6 is the best shooter game with multiplayer mode. He is derivated from Half Life and created by jess Cliffe and Minh Lee. First time, the game was launched in beta stage. When they see that the game is very popular, they launched the stable version in 2000. Gameplay: In this game there are two factions: Terrorists and counter-Terrorists. The teams are compete to complete the map objectives or eliminate the opposing players.  Game Modes: At the beginning the single mode was the classic. After that will appear the respawn, gungame, hns, zombie, furien, etc. Most popular weapons: M4A1, Ak47,  AWP and Desert Eagle. This version is one of the best on the internet, possibly to be the best. You will have the best gaming experience with this kit.

Why is Counter Strike 1.6 Original version so much popular:

Release date: October 2018

Works on all operatings sistems. Works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10,

Size: 239 MB.

Original skins from steam, no modification. Same models, sounds, skins, etc.

No ads or ads in game, clean version.

Best antislowhack protection from malicious online servers that wants to change your settings/binds. The protection is released in 2018 and is the best.

The game saves your settings like name, sensitivity. The admins can make you screenshots/ss on servers. The ss are saved in cstrike folder.

The game includ bots, the latest version. You can play with bots on every map you want. You can select the bots dificulty and more others.

Dual protocol 47/48.

New engine and new launcher.

The game is portable, you can play it on others devices.

No Lag, No Choke.

Best FPS. 100 FPS.

Fast download the game and fast install.

Click here for download setup Server 1 France

Click here for download setup Server 2 Italy

Click here for download setup Server 3 Romania

 Click here for download torrent.

The download speed is very high, max. 1-2 minutes. It now depends on your Internet speed. Installation is also very fast. The CS is no too larg in mb. If game, don’t start, right click on shortcut (Counter-Strike 1.6.exe) and select Run as administrator.


Most Popular maps:

De_Dust2It is no doubt the most played and known map.

It’s also the most popular CS Go games, CS Source and probably on a new counter strike.

Has two bomb site like all other maps from bomb defuse category.

There were and there are cs servers that only play this map.


De_Inferno – In my opinion is the second most popular map in Counter Strike 1.6.

The map was also brought to the rest of the strike series.

Is a nice map and very nice to play on it.

Was launched in March 13, 2001 by Christopher Auty.


Fy_Snow – It’s not as old as other maps.

It is played by tens of thousands of players every day.

It is small and is perfect for up to 14 players.


Other popular maps: CS_Assualt, De_aztec, CS_italy, De_train, CS_Milia and De_Nuke.

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