Counter Strike 1.6 is the best shooter game of all time. Developed by Valve, first was launch as a Half-Life Mode. In 2000 was officialy launch on Windows. The action is set in diferent zones and maps. You can play online on various servers. Most servers are allow 32 players to conect, the players will be assigned in tero and counter-terrorists team, 16vs16 players. The game has various objective but the most important is to eliminate all players from enemy team. This objective works on all maps and mods. Other objectives are: plant and defuse the bomb, protect and save the hostages, save the VIP, etc. This version contains the newest updates thats why is called Counter Strike 2019 version. This version offer high fps(100), low lag and original gameplay. The game have few modification about 5% and 95% are original game settings. You can play with bots aswell. After your team wining the round, the players from your team will get money. The money from game will be used to buy weapons, ammo and equipment. The maximum amout is 16.000 dollars. The game offer variety of weapons, the weapons are ranked by: knife, pistols, smg, rifles, sniper rifles, grenades, rotective equipment, and other equipment.

Why to play Counter Strike 1.6 in 2019:

  • Free to play.
  • No many cheaters like in CS Go.
  • May players, over 100.000.
  • Various mods and server customization.
  • Nostalgia.

Factions in game:

  • Tero: Arctic Avengers, Elite Crew, Guerilla Warfare, Phoenix Connexion.
  • Counter-Terrorists: GIGN, GSG-9, SAS, SEAL Team 6.

Counter Strike 2019 features.

Low Lag, High FPS, no Choke.

Best internet servers with various mods.

Fast download and install

Complex Game Menu, press H.

No bugs.

Internet servers modes: zombie, respawn, gungame, fy_snow servers, furien, cs go mode, clasic, etc.

Click here for download setup Server 1 France

Click here for download setup Server 2 Italy

Click here for download setup Server 3 Romania

 Click here for download torrent.

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